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    2019 - 2021

    Hello Project Project Season 3
    'I'm the King of Acting Season 2: Becoming an Actor'
    Yoon Hansol, Kim Bom, Ju Eungil, Jeong Yujin, Park Hyunji, Kim Miyoung, Park Kiwon


    What is theater? In the first year, the creative team and actors got to know each other better and have sought for physical relaxation. In the second year, we reveal more of ourselves on stage, allowing time to feel the freedom our bodies can enjoy. We question whether our language and actions truly express our thoughts and have a time of challenge to find answers.


    Hello Project Season 2
    'I'm the King of Acting' 
    Yoon Hansol, Kim Bom, Yonrimog, Ju Hyeyoung, Ju Eungil, Jeong Yujin


    It is the process of looking into each person's personality and life and discovering how we are connected to our society regardless of disability.

    2019 - 2021

    Workshop for the creative performing arts by persons with disabilities Hello Project Company BAD

    Artists with disabilities discover their identity in a creative and interactive way as they complete different works of art.


    Dancance Workshop Relaxship 
    Relaxship  Lee Beom-geon


    Meet contemporary dance in a rehearsal room in the heart of the city.

    It is time to awaken the senses of our bodies and to discover our movements naturally.


    Dancance Workshop 

    Our Bodies Get back to Romance
      Park So-jeong and Han Sang-ryul


    Move your body to discover your own breathing, postures, steps and a new “you” in daily life.

    Under the theme of “romance,” find your own movements as you move to the music.


    Chuncheon Sound Design Workshop 
     Jeon Gwang-pyo



    The workshop awakens different senses to collect sounds from daily life.

    It is an occasion to observe the sounds around you and to make use of them for your experience of the sound design in the performing arts.


    Children’s Movement Workshop 

    Dancing Playground  Roh Kyung-ae


    This workshop helps children at play freely express their thoughts and imagination through body movements.

    Here, children think about objects, drawings, spaces, shapes and distances and express these elements with their bodies while dancing and playing.


    Speech and Acting Workshop

    Who Are You Talking To? Ji Chun-seong

    This speech training approach using visual images helps you speak in a more realistic and natural way. It provides you with a fresh stimulus for your acting.


    International Exchange Program 

    AMPERS&ND Project  David Pledger

    Mobile performance laboratory AMPERS&ND of NYID (meaning “Not Yet It’s Difficult”) brings together leading innovators in music, dance and physical theatre from Australia, Korea and Europe. It is a theatrical experiment that regards the human body as an instrument to exchange bodily information.

    2011 - 2013

    Community Dance Project 

    You Now Live in Bomnae 

     Jang Eun-jeong, Kim Hye-sook and Choi Ji-yeon

    Liberate your body as you stomp cheerfully with others.

    Use dance to find your true self hidden in daily life.

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