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    Ten Spoons has a goal of producing and distributing high-quality performing arts content. In this way, it is willing to contribute to the local community and share the social value of the arts.


    With its festival’s founding spirit “Ten spoons of rice fills a bowl,” Ten Spoons is ready to build on the results of its 20-year-old festival and participate in the invigoration of the performing arts. 


    - Planning and production of non-profit arts content including festivals, performances, exhibitions and videos

    - Support for those working on stage art

    - Support for planning events such as theater performances, businesses’ cultural events and cultural events in sports

    - Research, studies and workshops concerning the arts and culture of the local community



    performing arts festival


    production of performances

    (e.g. theater, dance and music)


    workshops involving citizens



    - Hosting 'TENSPOONS Music Festival'

    - Operation and Technical Support "GOYOCON", Cultural Program for the Host City Boom-up of the       Winter Youth Olympic Games Gangwon 2024

    - Production of the "Hello Project: Season 2,"
       workshop for the creative performing arts by persons with disabilities


    - Publishing of the archive book of the "Hello Project: Season 2"


    - Korean name changed to the “Chuncheon Performing Arts Festival” (English name staying the same)

    - Organization of the exhibition of the “Hello Project,”

       workshop for the creative performing arts by persons with disabilities


    - Opening of the digital art book of the “Hello Project,”

       workshop for the creative performing arts by persons with disabilities


    - Founding of Ten Spoons as a corporate body

    - Planning of the “Hello Project,” workshop for the creative performing arts

       by persons with disabilities


    - Production of the play Gorge, one of the works in the trilogy by Korean writer Lee Hyo-seok

       *Winner of the special prize at the Gomanaru Theater Festival


    - National tour of the play When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom,

    as part of the “Everywhere Cultural Empathy” project by KOCACA

    *Hosted by the Korean Culture and Arts Centers Association


    - Production of the play When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom,
    one of the works in the trilogy by Lee Hyo-seok


    - Production of the dance Love Song, I Love You This Winter

    2011 - 2013

    - Community dance project “You Now Live in Bomnae.”


    - Name changed to the “Chuncheon Arts Festival”


    - Launch of the “Chuncheon Dance Festival”


    Chuncheon Arts Festival, The festival where every participant becomes its owner.


    ‘Ten spoons of rice fills a bowl(십시일반)’
    This Korean saying motivated us to launch the festival and it is also what we dream of.
    Chuncheon Arts Festival was launched as a donation-based festival to which planners, artists and staff members donated their time, talent and works. You, the audience of our performances, can add the last spoon of rice to the bowl.


    The festival started as the Chuncheon Dance Festival in 2002. Based on the festival’s conviction the corporate body Ten Spoons was officially founded in an attempt to share good things through the arts.


    Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2021, the Chuncheon Arts Festival expanded its finance and size with its new name. With a new goal of developing into one of Korea’s representative performing arts festivals, it is renewing its determination for another two decades. 
    In addition to organizing the festival, Ten Spoons will pursue its artistic and public values by means of more diverse and dynamic activities including performing arts production and programs involving citizens.


    In this way, the festival is prepared with everyone’s heartfelt contribution, So the more our participants, the bigger our sharing. Thanks to many of you who share the dreams of the Chuncheon Performing Arts Festival, it will further strengthen its roots while also enriching its fruits for the audience and providing them with better shade.

    Name of Bank NONGHYUP BANK
    Address of Bank 120, TONGILRO,JUNG-GU,SEOUL,KOREA
    Account No.  301-0256-6062-11
    Account holder's Name  Ten Spoons Association, Inc.
    Account holder's contact no.  +82 33 251 0545


    글 번호제목작성일
    [(사)텐스푼] 2021 기부금품 모집 및 사용 내역
    [(사)텐스푼] 2020 기부금품 모집 및 사용 내역
    [(사)텐스푼] 기부금 영수증 신청서 양식


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